Wooden Monopoly Board Game - Luxury Edition

    • Limited Time Offer $453$567
  • Specially designed for those who like to play in style, the Monopoly Luxury Edition makes a perfect gift. Inside the drawer, you’ll find wooden houses and hotels, dyed bone dice and the classic tokens, plus an exclusive Pottery Barn bulldog.

    • Solid wood cabinet and recessed faux leather rolling area.
    • Both finishes features a storage drawer. The grey finish features a metal drawer pull.
    • Recommended for ages 8 and up.
    • Set includes game board, game pieces, houses and hotels, custom Chance and Community Chest cards, Title Deed cards and paper money.
    • Grey Game Pieces include: Top Hat, Thimble, Battleship, Boot, Racecar, Iron, Horse & Rider, Bulldog.
    • Black Game Pieces include: Top Hat, Thimble, Battleship, Arm Chair, Racecar, Wheelbarrow, Horse & Rider, Bulldog.
    • Imported.