Home Office Furniture Collections

Design a custom workspace that works as hard as you do with our huge variety of home office collections at Pottery Barn. Consider a modular office system that gives you the balance of work surface, storage area and desk space to accomplish your goals and stay organized. Modular systems are available in a variety of finishes and styles, from the rustic to the sophisticated, and in designs and sizes that work in the smallest or largest home office. Towers, bookcases, baskets and file cabinets can hold your important documents and supplies, while corner desks give you more room to spread out while still using your floor space intuitively.


Home office furniture that’s made from wood offers both durability and unlimited options for decorating your work area. Add some office accessories, such as a wall or desk clock, and a variety of photos or artwork on the walls throughout your room to increase the overall attractiveness of the space. Hang contemporary corkboards and chalkboards on the walls for posting convenient daily reminders and memos. Then, add a personal touch with a work desk or end table. Shop our home office collections to give your space a newly updated look while adding personality and functional organization that meets your productivity needs.


Maybe you’re working on the next great American novel or you just need a place to finish a project away from the office you commute to. Adding some great home office furniture makes you feel more productive, no matter what you’re accomplishing. Check out our selection of writing desks and home office furniture that’s full of different silhouettes and finishes to match the existing theme in your space. Consider rustic looks with modern-design touches as one possibility. Add an upscale desk chair and a contemporary table or task lamp to complete your office space.


There’s a variety of desk chairs to consider as you’re putting your office together, but the most important thing to look for is comfort. You sit at your desk frequently, and it’s important to be comfortable and in the proper position to give your back and entire body a break. It’s a good plan to get up and move around throughout the day, but you’ll likely spend a lot of your time sitting while you’re working, which is why comfort and ergonomics are important considerations.


One popular chair style that can completely reinvigorate your work life is an ergonomic office chair. Add a sitting/standing desk, and you have the ultimate in efficient, thoughtful office support to get you through your projects and keep you feeling great. Find a quality chair that features a counterweight mechanism to adjust to your body so you’re always balanced, whether you’re working on that novel or leaning back and putting your feet up for a break. Many ergonomic office chairs also include built-in headrests and armrests that move with you.


As long as you’re adding new furniture to your home office space, think about what a makeover might do for the room. Painting the walls and adding some drapes can really brighten the space up. Add some of your favorite things around the room to give it your own personal stamp. The aforementioned photos and wall art are a great start, but items like memorabilia, awards, family items and maybe even shells you picked up from the beach are all nice additions. What about plants? They can freshen the air in your space and make it feel alive with vitality.


Do you need some inspiration? Check out some home office examples and find a look you like. We offer complimentary design services. Whether you’re starting from scratch or adding a finishing touch, our design specialists are available to bring inspiration to your home office space. You can work with a stylist and decorator, in your home or at your local store, to create your dream office or home. To get started, schedule an appointment.